Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day, 2008-2009

Today started the ritual of waking up in the morning a half-hour late, because I assumed I set my alarm on my cell phone correctly, then realizing I didn't (thank Bob for an internal alarm that eventually wakes me a half hour later than intended). Then, the stumbling out of bed, tripping over the dog and yelling up the stairs to wake up my daughter.

She also assumes she set her alarm clock. She has no internal alarm for a back-up, though.

Then I fire up the laptop then fire up the stove to boil some water for coffee. The water boils way before the laptop loads enough so I can log in. The laptop loads long before my daughter makes her appearance.

Luckily, she is not a girly-girl, or the next forty-five minutes would be spent in agony, waiting for her to apply make-up, pick out an outfit, run a straighter through her it is it's "throw on a black t-shirt and jeans, run a toothbrush around her mouth, hunt down the errant sock, grab shoes and a brush and spend the drive to school ripping the brush through her way-too long hair as she sheds all over my van's interior.

Today, I try and navigate though the throng of first day of school traffic. The buses, the young drivers, and an occasional police car, bottle-nosed as other kids whizz by on skateboards, or slunk by on...did I really see a pair of fluffy bedroom slippers?

I know there are stomach-dwelling butterflies fluttering everywhere. The butterfly swarm seems to be much larger this year, at least in my stomach, that I know. My daughter is heading for school this year with the usual uncertainty and trepidation, cranked up a few notches. She's in her Junior year. There is more emphasis in "What are your plans for college?". My daughter is still thinking in terms of, "What are your plans for the rest of the day?"

Just help my daughter get through high school first, please.

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