Thursday, August 21, 2008

Camping, pt. 2

This afternoon, the DH, younger daughter, the corgis, and I will be heading up to Wisconsin for a weekend of camping. We decided to be brave and venture out with our 20+ year old camper 200 miles to spend the weekend with my dad, fishing, visiting around a campfire, and hopefully not finding ourselves at the side of the road with a major mechanical failure on our hands.

At least it has new tires. And, no, it's not on fire.

I may even have access to Internet while I'm there.

I won't have a river to watch flow by this time around, but I will have a marsh that I can spend time bird-watching...which reminds me, I need to pack my bird watching guide. I understand there will be egrets and herons, possibly some bald eagles, and if I'm lucky, some pelicans. The inside joke is, everyone in my family has seen pelicans here in my town, except me, so I don't believe them. Up until now, pelicans to my knowledge are big birds that sit on piers somewhere off the coast of California...not the riverbanks of Illinois, or the marshes of Wisconsin, as now my dad tells me.

See, he's in on it now, too.

I guess I could now turn this posting into something deep and mindfully vast, but I won't. It's just a "Hey, it's me here, just blogging about my upcoming weekend. Move along now. Nothing else to see here."

That is, until I come back next Monday with pictures...maybe one or two will be of the elusive (at least to me) pelican.

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