Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Are you sure typing when the easier, I mean when they, and and I mean when being that that that that the audit deduct up to if?

Technology is wonderful, if not funny in a "pull-your-hair-out-by-the-roots" kind of way. My new computer has voice recognition, where you can dictate emails, documents, and whatnot. It's not perfect, though, although I am sure the computer would blame my voice and lack of diction for any and all mistakes. So I thought I would dictate a blog entry without adjusting for what the computer thinks I am saying, just to showcase how wonderful and helpful this this may be in my life.

I thought this would be a good program for my daughter to use in writing reports. My dad would find it convenient in reading emails because e really hates to type. I think he would find it frustrating bill, I know I do because the computer thinks when I say the word told, it types of other words, such as bill, and told. Maybe I have a speech impediment where I had difficulties with mike T ages, like Cindy Brady did. So if my daughter were to use speech recognition in writing reports for school, at which sure hope she would perforated before handing in the finished product, or what she thought she said, was a really what she meant to say. Or type. I don't think that blame Nina the speech recognition program would be a good enough excuse. Next paragraph

The commands are hard to pick up on two. Although you can say anything you want and Dick station, you have to tell the computer what to do in a Pacific way for the computer to understand what you wanted to do. Spelling is project early selling, as I tried to spell out an e-mail address. My father's e-mail Eddie ended up being "jay Len Kelly a at hotmail that com". It's just far easier to point and click, then to scream at the computer, quotation mark De Ahmed that's not what I meant to say!!! Quotation mark.

I also don't like the idea that the computer is listening to me all the time. I'm sure won't be long or it will start ignoring me all the time, or look at me with this compassion eight digital eyes, wandering, what the hell are you talking about?

I'm also discovering that my strengths do not live in speaking, or as I feel far more confident writing of my ideas and thoughts. It feels like having writer's block of them Alf. Besides, I feel incredibly ridiculous speaking two and inanimate object. Almost like sitting in a shrinks office… Like, what am I supposed to say?

And heaven forbid if the dogs were to bark, for the clockwork turn to tactic to chime, or if the TV were on that debt that.

So I guess this whole speech recognition thing really doesn't make life easier unless I want to talk three words at a time, very slowly, with dictation soul crisp and clean, I could Cleve through paper. But even that has its flaws.

I kind of liked that "soul crisp and clean" line, though. I wished I would have come up with that one.