Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sci-Fi Geek Girl

I just finished watching Doctor Who The 3rd Series the other day. Very well done. Darker than the last DT series, but still, well done **clapclapclap** I think I like the darkness better. It seemed to give chance to portray the main character as less than perfect. Amazing to me, Doctor Who is still considered "children's fare" in Great Britian, to that I say, there must be some very advanced children over there.

I think the episode "Blink" was very well done... how all the parts convelesed in the end. The two parter episode where the Doctor had to hide from aliens by altering himself to be human was most touching. Oh, and the last episode of that season...that got me reaching for the kleenex. And the last episode of the 2nd series, and the episode with Madame know, really, Sci-Fi is not susposed to make me cry. It's an escape mechanism. I want a fast route out of the saddness lane. I think it's partially due to the fact that David Tennent has that incredible acting abillity that can tear right at my heart. It's all his fault. Hear me, David? Your Fault.

But then, there are two episodes of "Futurama" that make me cry, so I guess I'm just a wuss.

Why can't there be programming like that here in the States? **sigh**. Heroes came close, but kind of fell short in it's Sophmore year. But I am confident they will rally and come back, stronger than ever. It seems, here in the 'Ol USA, if it can't totally shut off your brain (a'la the usual sit-com), or be over-the-top scandalous, like Nip/Tuck...I mean, is that our extent of "cutting edge"? Yes, pun totally intended.

So, now bereft of new Sci-Fi, I just treated myself to the first season of Torchwood. Oh, and I just grabbed the 9th season of SG-1 for a good price the other day...gawd I got it bad. Next, I will be slowly building up my Farscape collection.

I don't treat myself with baubles or fine clothes...I scarf up DVDs. Mostly Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

Amazon must really love me.

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