Friday, January 11, 2008

Clever, cute comedy

In my local paper, sometimes the writers tend to get cute with lead in to a story. Reciently, there was this headline:

" Father, son on trial in copper caper case."

Yes, great alliteration. And it reminded me of a comedy skit I saw years ago on the Johnny Carson Show (actually, in a retrospect, I'm not that terribly old).

My local paper also has a "comments" section. Sometimes it's a scary place, but it's a good read when there is nothing else to do. Occasionally, I'll make an inane comment on a story, like on the above mentioned by-line.

"What. No clapper?"

No one got it. No one remembered the Johnny Carson/Jack Webb "Copper Clapper Caper Case" skit.

Now, THAT was comedy. YouTube it. It's out there, somewhere I am sure. Oh, whatever, here's a link...

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