Thursday, January 17, 2008

Got Caught Preachin'

I am sure anyone who reads the Internet has seen the leaked video of that actor (can't think of his name right now, you know, the one who is the subject of a tell-all book) who is "preaching to the choir" about his belief system, one that I will not call a "religion". When Avon, or Amway, or the Fuller Brush Man comes to my door wearing a clerical collar, then, maybe. Until then, I'll leave it at "belief system".

Anyway, for a few years now, I have been reading about this "belief system". Both sides. I actually read one of the belief system's founder's books know the one with the exploding volcano on the cover. I got parts of it, and even nodded my head at a few ideas. But those were concepts that I had read before from other sources. It wasn't groundbreaking, just rehashed.

The book finally got tossed across the room when I realized that this guy had way too many pre-birth issues. The way he went on about all these botched abortions made me wonder how anyone got past the zygote stage. The more I read, the more "WTF?" I thought. Then I got on the Internet, and the WTF-ness grew to massive proportions.

And, thanks to the Internet, you too can google your way to information...both sides of it.

But, back to the choir-preaching guy...he had already lost me at "Matt, you're glib" back from the infamous Today Show interview a year or so ago. He could have believed in space cooties and I could have cared less. That's not the issue. It was the issue of someone telling a large population of people that what they struggle with every day does not exist. There is no proof of "mental illness". And, for whatever does ail ya, a big dose of vitamins will do the trick.

Tell that to a mother who desperately wants to love her baby, but the feelings, the maternal instinct is not there because the feelings can't break through the crushing post-partum depression. Tell that to someone who for all purposes believes that they are going to die in the next few minutes, and nothing anyone says on the contrary is going to prove otherwise (that's what my panic attacks feel like, folks).

So, here is a guy who claims in this video that more or less he is an expert on everything, because of his belief system. He knows what to do because he's the only one who can do whatever he does.

Oh. I know what he does. He shills. He's the Poster Boy. But, he's in so deep, he honestly believes in what he says. Conviction or delusion? You be the judge.

I have a feeling we'll be seeing a new Poster Boy though in a few years, if not sooner. I remember when there was another Poster Boy, but he's older now, he's losing his hair, hasn't had a movie worth mention is a few years now...wait a minute...the present Poster Boy hasn't, either. But he still has nice teeth and a good head of hair, so it's not quite time to put him out to pasture.

So, go out there and start googling (or alta-vista-ing, yahooing, whatever) and do some reading about this belief system. Try and over-look the wacky parts, because, after all, it could be argued that most, if not all, belief systems are based on wacky stories.

Many people just know the tip of the iceberg. But, guess what? The iceberg is tipping over.

Thanks, Tom.

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