Monday, January 7, 2008

Explaining the Bunnies

You may have noticed a spoof on one of those "motivational posters" on the right hand side of things here (my photo, ran though a program called "Poster Forge")

WTF is with the bunnies? Okay, family inside joke...

I have two daughters. One diagnosed with AD/HD in kindergarten. The other, 5th grade, but that diagnosis is questionable. Anyway, growing up, many conversations were interrupted by "Oh, look...BUNNIES!". I called it "The Bunny Concept". As I got older, I found myself falling under the bunny's lure and realized that honestly, I was like that all my life. "Does Not Apply One's Self" was the AD/HD of my generation. DNAOS. But, the /HD didn't apply to me, I was too fat and lazy to be hyperactive. Anyway, I derail myself on a daily basis, bunnies or not. My derailing statement also seems to be, "Oooooh, SHINY!!!", which is funny becasue I do not buy nor wear jewelery as a habit.

I mean, where does one apply a brooch onto a sweatshirt?

If I were ever to see a metallic robot bunny, heaven help us all...

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