Wednesday, November 26, 2008


For those who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving. May your festivities be as stress-free as possible. This year there will be no cooking by anyone in my family as we decided on something different as the only thing being made by me this year are reservations. Small house + two dogs + person who hates to cook (me)≠ a happy, carefree celebration.

Whereas, my husband loves to cook for Thanksgiving. Well, if by that you mean drop a turkey in a vat of hot oil for an hour cooking, then, yes, he loves to cook. No, I should give him a break. Fried turkey is as Alton Brown says, "Mighty good eats", especially if you don't burn down your deck in the process. No, he has never set anything ablaze because I discovered the secret...turn OFF the gas, slowly drop bird in oil, after and only after the bubbling-popping-spattering of oil is done, turn the gas back on.

Well, it works for us, but I'm not promising anything for anyone else. And besides, I'm digressing. Sometimes I swear I'm channeling Andy Rooney, and he's still alive, last time I checked.

Anyway, I am looking forward to a nice dinner out with my husband, both my daughters and my dad, always thankful that they, and all the rest of my family and friends who aren't sharing our table, are in my life.

Thank you.


  1. Please tell your dad I'd give anything to cook Thanksgiving dinner with him. And eat it with him. And wash it down with good wine. In quantity.

    I wouldn't even complain about pancake batter on the floor, if such happened to be the case.

  2. DH keeps threatening to deep fry a turkey. I'd never heard of it until him! Your celebration sounds awesome. Any day I don't have to cook is a day to be grateful for!

    Have a happy thanksgiving!