Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas in July, please! (In honor of Black Friday)

You know, I so hate this time of the year. Winter, us humans naturally go into a hibernation state. Something we never totally brushed off after eons of evolution. Snow falls, temps fall, sun sits lower in the sky, even at noon, no longer at it's lofty zenith of the height of summer.


Then, just to screw around with human's natural want/need/desire to hunker down and stay warm under a pile of pelts made of cotton and flannel and wool, hopefully with a warm mug of toddy cradled in our hands…Marketing Demons declare it's SHOPPING SEASON!!! Drag yourselves out the warmth of home and hearth (even those without a fireplace) and slog around in the frozen muck and frigid wind to do the "Holiday Thing". Denizens of mallcrawllers, no longer crawling, but rushing, tripping, fretting…any antonym of "leisure" would work here just fine…a glazed, dazed look, something like a lemming might look like as it follows it's fellow lemmings off a sheer cliff. This is why it's been said Christmas should be in July.

Hell, then I would probably be bitching about the human's natural instinct to seek shade and cool shelter in the heat of the day instead of running around like crazed lemmings…


  1. For the first time in forever, we are hitting the stores on BF. There are a couple deals we just can't pass up.

    I'm still dreading it!

  2. You are a braver woman than I, Spy!