Wednesday, November 5, 2008


At 10 pm last night, with the vote counts coming in from the west coast, MSNBC announced Barack Obama the projected winner of this long campaign. Soon after, I listened to McCain's concession speech, thinking it was moving, it was focused, it was concise...all the qualities that his speeches had lost in the final leg of his campaign.

It was also gracious. As I just commented on a friend's blog this morning, if only those who voted for him could be just as gracious, I thought as I heard boos echoing from his audience at the mention of Obama.

Being a stay at home mom and hermit, I am usually not subjected to "in your face" opinions of others. My husband and daughter hear the voices of ill-content at their workplaces, and what they tell me just makes me shake me head in amazement and a sense of sadness. Too bad they can't hit the delete button like I can with mass emails spouting the same.

Last night was an emotional night. I tried to take it in stoic stride, but it was difficult. It's an exciting time, a watershed moment. I keep on hearing people comparing this time to that of when John Kennedy ran for President. I don't like making comparisons like that. People should be allowed to stand in their own shadow, not somebody elses', though I wonder if this is how my parents felt back in November, 1960.

Obama, now is the time to deliver. America, now is the time to give him time, the chance and realize that change doesn't happen overnight.


  1. So true. Our support does not stop now. This is a victory, but it's only first part of change.

  2. Last night gave me more hope for our country than I have had in a long time. For the first time, I have felt that I actually have a voice in the political process, and that appealing to the best in Americans could win over appealing to our worst. I will admit it, I am a bliss ninny. I am a hope junkie.

    It's going to be a long road. But it appears to be a journey in the right direction, and nobody's being thrown under the bus in the process.