Thursday, October 30, 2008

Commercial time in the end stretch

Last night I watched Obama's "infomercial", as it has been called. I thought it was well done. It hit the right notes, it tugged at the right strings. It showed a man in control, who talked in dulcet tones, elegantly and precisely. Even though it was a well crafted piece of theatre, Obama delivered his lines with belief and conviction and a true caring...something W. could never do, for the smirk in his voice would give him away.

I'm sure though, all it did was "preach to the choir". Maybe a few who are supporting the opposing side tuned in to watch, in some bizarrely curious way, kind of in the way I will occasionally sit and watch Bill O'Reilly, screaming at his bloated, talking head.

Hopefully it swayed the fence-sitters, help shift their view, make it harder for them to perch on the pickets. I just hope the sway is in Obama's direction.

This morning, I turn on the morning news to McCain talking about Obama and his "broken promises". Promises of sitting down together and discussing public financing. A chat across the table that never materialized, for whatever reason.

"Talk me down!", as Rachel Maddow pleads in one of her segments of her nightly show on MSNBC. Please explain to how Barack Obama's commercial (and the millions that it cost to produce) isn't going to be his demise in the end.

It's a valid question. Was a promise broken? And if so, why? Or is this just McCain crying "sour grapes" because his campaign didn't light fires like Obama's? I admit, I am not very savvy when it comes to politics, and even less when it comes to the financial side of politics.

In hindsight, maybe it wasn't the wisest choice for Obama to run a thirty minute spot on most of the major networks. Actually, if one wanted to see the mettle of the man, all one had to do was go back to his 2004 keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention, a young man not running for President, but just at the very beginnings of his Senatorial career. Four years later, his message is the same. It shows his message from last night is not merely the rhetoric of presidential aspirations, it is a true message of hope.

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