Monday, September 1, 2008

Windows Mojave

Windows Vista is running a commercial that I have seen many times on Hulu online videos, but I am sure it's been on traditional television somewhere in the States. It shows a person sitting at a table in a nondescript room, being asked by some unknown person, "Why haven't you switched to Vista?"

"I've heard too many bad things about it", "It's buggy", or other responses along the same lines.

The person posing the question then shows the person being asked about their disdain towards Vista a laptop using Windows "new" operating system named "Mojave". The people being shown the new OS ooh and ahh over Mojave, declaring their wonderment and approval, announcing that they could see themselves using this system.

"Oh, by the way, this is Windows Vista", the questioners announce, and then the participants voice their surprise and how they will most likely run out and give Vista a try.

Me, I would have been incensed that I was made to look like a fool. I don't see that as a positive way to sell a product.

Microsoft has resorted to tricking people into giving their product a second look?

I think many people didn't rush out to get on the Vista bandwagon because they first researched, they read reviews and comments from those who actually used the product. They did their homework. Most consumers are smart consumers. Microsoft seems to think otherwise.

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  1. If there were truth in advertising, their "Windows Mojave" demo would freeze up twice, then go into the Blue Screen of Death. Let's hear the "oohs" and "ahhs" then...