Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On a Mission from God?

Well, that's what Sarah Palin's opinion seems to be regarding sending troops to Iraq, if her speech to a graduating class at the Walsila Assembly of God church is any indication.

I understand that for those of belief find comfort in praying to a Higher Power asking he/she/it to watch over our Military, or our loved ones, or the elderly woman who lives alone down the street. But to loftily label an ill-entered war as "a task that is from God", well, gee, I guess that makes it just hunky-dory.

Weren't the hijackers on 9/11 supposedly on "a mission from God (Allah)", too? How about The Spanish Inquisition? The Salem Witch Trials? Were these atrocities sanctioned by God?

I am in NO way comparing our military to a terrorist entity or a raving mob. Or a power hungry church hierarchy. I am just pointing out that I really doubt God approves of these kinds of messages. At least I hope the God of my knowledge wouldn't put his stamp of approval on these actions of men.

But then, I could be just one more person speaking for God, and I think there is enough of those already.

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