Monday, September 22, 2008

Tripping over Stumble Upon

I have become addicted to Stumble Upon. In my many hours of clicking on the little "SU" button on my toolbar, (okay, not hours, I do have some semblance of a life. Really. I do.) I have discovered one thing about the Internet.

It it rife with CATS. Not like that's a bad thing, but what is it with this obsession with cats? Maybe it's because it's just not as funny when a dog is stuffed into an empty 12-pack, or that one will never see a dog perched precariously atop a door, waiting to spring upon unsuspecting owner, I mean ownee. And the pictures of sleeping cats in unflattering positions with a empty bottle of beer...those are obviously humorous setups. We all know dogs are known to be beer-holics, and can at times be found in this position naturally.

Well, at least mine would be if I would give them half the chance. They prefer wine instead.

Now, anyone who thinks I am aiding and abetting to the the delinquency of an animal, minor or otherwise, should know most of my blogging is done with that know, the one where I'm peering over my glasses, thinking, "You're really are falling for this, aren't you?" look. So save your phone call to the ASPCA.

Anyway, SU has pointed out to me many little corners and crooks and nannies I would have never found before. Like this little FYI page.

And I was wondering why I was getting migraines when I would blog. Or when I would read my, c'mon, admit it...y'all do it. You all go and read your blogs to see if what you wrote last month is still as relevant, or witty, or profound as it was when it first burst forth from your keyboard.

What, you don't? Oh, gawd, I really don't have a life.

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  1. My four cats asked me to tell you that kittehs are infinitely more clever than goggies, which is the reason for all the captioned cat pictures on the Internet.