Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coming up for air just in time for an unprecedented flood.

This is video (ignore the voices in the background, I hate my voice) is of the raging Fox River as it rushed beneath the bridge coming into my town, flooding the low-lying areas along the river bank. When you live in a not only a one, but a two river town, let's just say a jon boat is probably a smarter form of transportation than a car when living on the wrong side of the dried out Illinois-Michigan canal. In the background (if you look reeealy hard) there is a train trestle bridge that is loaded down with freight cars so the river doesn't wash away the bridge. On a good day, the river is usually twenty feet below this bridge.

The Fox River reached record flood stage earlier in the week, surpassing a twenty-six year old record. This closed the high school (which is located at the Fox-Illinois river junction) for most the week as a precaution, much to the joy of my daughter. I'll remind her of her joy when summer vacation starts a week later than usual. And, hey, it isn't snow day season yet.

No boat docking for some time.

This building does have a parking lot, the shore is supposed to be on the other side of the trees. There is a river walk somewhere, just don't know quite where.

Hard to see, I took this through my windshield. This is a two block stretch of street, about two blocks away from the river bank. The day after I took this picture, the sawhorse blocking (haha) the road was under water.

Allen Park? What Allen Park?
(picture taken by a friend and fellow blogger)

This was all compliments of the leftovers of Ike which caused two straight days of solid rain. Of course, nothing compared to actually having Ike in full as Texas did. Water does recede on it's own, thank goodness. Buildings and rubble don't take care of themselves, alas.

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