Tuesday, August 5, 2008

*Why I Blog #46

...because I don't have the balls to sing at a Karaoke bar.

Wait a mo'. On the subject of Karaoke, blogging does have some things in common with attempting to sing in front of a room full of strangers.

1. A comment, idea, observation may sound really interesting, profound, keen only while it is still residing in one's head. Just as one sings to themselves, thinking, "Wow, I'm pretty wicked talented! I'm findin' me a Karaoke bar!", not realizing that the skull must have some strange acoustic qualities that causes the deluded to believe they are blessed with perfect pitch, the blogger grabs on to some random thought floating in his cerebral goo and thinks, "Wow, I'm pretty wicked deep! I'm finding me a bloggin' site!"

I don't know of any structural qualities of the skull that cause that delusion, though.

2. Both only gets worse with alcohol.

3. There are always exceptions, unless #2 is a factor.

Notice: There are far more talented bloggers than there are Karaoke singers. I mention this because I'd much rather have the Karaoke Community call me out than the Blogger Community. After all, Karaoke singers aren't in my living room, sitting on my lap at any given moment.

*Alcohol was not a factor in the creation of this post. Honest to Bob.

1 comment:

  1. This probably explains why I don't (really) blog. Because I AM the sort of person who gets compelled to do karaoke in front of a crowd of strangers. Only once, though. Although it was more of a crowd than usual -- it was the several hundred people assembled at the Kansas City 3-day Breast Cancer walk in -- when was that? 2003? 2004? Anyhow, I did it in a big way.

    But when it comes to blogging, I do not have any profound thoughts. So there. I leave that to Richard.