Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mild-mannered insurance man by day...

On one of the way too many talent competition shows scattered across television today, America's Got Talent (although not the best of grammar) showcased a thirty-two year old insurance salesman from Missouri who wanted to sing opera to make his mom happy.

So next time you deal with a cubicle-dweller, he, or she, may have a secret identity...in this case, a young man who when as a child listened to "The Three Tenors", and became inspired.

When I first heard Pavarotti sing "Nessun Dorma" during a time when I felt I really needed to expand my music appreciation, I cried as his voice reached a crescendo, holding that last note for a seemingly impossible amount of time.

What this man lacked in professional skill, he surely made up for it with heart, soul, and love for his mom, and Opera. One can have all the training in the world but without passion, a gift is found wanting.

And it was this man's passion that brought me to tears, just as if it were Pavarotti himself proclaiming, "Vanish, o night! Set, stars! Set, stars! At daybreak I shall win! I shall win! I shall win!"

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