Thursday, July 31, 2008

A camping I will go...

The family invested in an older model motor home last year, and we try and get out to the state park a few times over the summer for a weekend. Mind you, the park is only seven miles from where I live. But it is one of the overlooked gems in my area. Although Illini State Park isn't nestled amongst sandstone cliffs and canyons like Starved Rock State Park, nor does it have wandering trails that one can traverse for miles, it does have many other natural amenities.

Illini Park, and particularly where we camp is right along the Illinois River, and to me, almost nothing is more relaxing than watching the river flow by. Makes me almost forget that I am bereft of Internet, unless I pick up some stray Wi-Fi signal. But I would never ever take advantage of some lonely strange, not I.

With morning views like this, who needs Internet?

I have every intention of waking up at sunrise while I'm camping so I can take some pictures of the sun as it rises over the river as it streams through the morning mists. But, then there is that "best laid plans of mice and men" and those who barely can make a cup of coffee, let alone frame the perfect sunrise through the camera lens before 6 a.m.

I will try and snap some shots during the weekend and hopefully post some here sometime next week. Until then, "Hi-ho, a derry-o..."

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