Sunday, May 18, 2008

Iron Man

The Family and I went to the googleplex Friday and saw Ironman (or is that Iron Man?). Good, fast-paced movie. Good CGI. Could have done without Ms.Paltrow, but, hey, that's just me. But I guess every super hero needs their bland, vapid female assistant. Of course blowing through $20 in gas and $30 in tickets and popcorn (I bummed off DH), I wished for a big screen television at home. Give me that, and I would never need the theater again.

Other movies on my "to see" list will just have to wait for DVD. Every time I go to the theater, I am reminded why I don't.

Older DD thought Robert Downey Jr. was "yummy". She has good taste. Younger DD thought he was too old to be yummy. So I guess there's no bother asking her opinion on Harrison Ford...

You could tell who were the Marvel geeks at the theater. My daughters and I sitting as the credits rolled as everyone else walked out. I read on the intertubes that it was highly suggested to stay all through the credits. So, if you are going to see the movie and have any edumacation on the Marvel Universe, stay.

And, as usual, Stan the Man makes a cameo. All in all, a good "get your mind off crap with the exception that the $20 in gas may not get you home" movie.

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