Friday, March 28, 2008

Movies, movies, movies...

...which I would usually wait until they would come out on dvd. A seat full of nacho cheese permanently removed any overwhelming need to ever see a movie in a theatre again...anyway, I've been watching trailers of some upcoming movies that just might cause me to tempt fate and squishy cheese.

Ironman. Robert Downy Jr. I'm really glad seeing him back acting again. Perfect casting as Tony Stark. Flawed, addicted, anti-heroic. Hmmm, am I talking about the character, or the actor? Anyway, hopefully, this isn't another case of all the best parts of the movie was already seen in the trailer.

Hellboy II. I did like the first one, even though I never fully got into the comic book. The fact that the movie is also from the man who brought us "Pan's Labyrinth", it should be cinematic art, albeit eerie art. I know prosthetics play a big part, but I cannot imagine anyone but Ron Perlman playing Hellboy. The voice. The attitude. And the character is another anti-hero. I see a trend here...

...which I will totally bust with my next pick. Speed Racer. I think I can wait for the DVD on this one, just so I can marvel in private on just how whacked this movie is. From the trailers I've seen so far, I have to wonder if the Wachowski Brothers were eating mushrooms when putting this movie together. Eye-popping, migrane causing colors. Watch it in IMAX...there's an epileptic seizure just waiting to happen. But, the cartoon series was a part of my childhood...the part you never really admitted to. Like buying "Teen Beat" magazine. We all did it, we just never admitted we did.
So, if I actually went to the theatre for this one, I might have to find me a Guy Fawkes mask and go as "Anonymous".

But this is what I want to know...Susan Sarandon as "Mom Racer"? How did that one happen?

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