Monday, March 31, 2008

Could it be...really..Spring?

After being jolted awake from a panicky dream at 5 am, to which I laid in bed and dozed back off while trying to get my bearings (and being thrust right back into said dream) a half-hour later I was rudely prodded back awake by husband o'mine's alarm he forgot to turn off after being called in to work at 2 this morning.

To say it wasn't a good start to the beginning of the week well, it's an understatement.

Sitting in my chair, fumbling with a cup of coffee I can't remember making (have you got it yet I am no morning person?), the sky still hanging on to last night, I realize, gently poking it's way through the silence is...bird song. The first bird song I have heard that has beaten the sunrise since Winter.

I am suddenly less sleepy (let's not go so far as to say I'm awake), and it doesn't have anything to do with coffee. I half-expect to see, when the sun does rise, green grass, daffodils poking their heads from the ground, and little bluebirds flying around a deer's head.

Okay, we'll step back a few paces off that visual. For one, I didn't plant daffodils, and for two, that's a Disney movie.'s going to be a mud-sodden mess out there. March is definitely going out like a lion today with heavy rains and thunderstorms. Which means it must have came in like a lamb, but I don't recall.

But, hey, I'm not complaining. I think Spring has done sprung here in my neck of the woods. Finally.

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