Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hot Potatoes

Barack Obama, as we all have heard, has a pastor who in my opinion, should stick with preaching God's word, and stay off the political pedestal. The inflammatory sound-bites of him decrying "God Damn America!!!" and that 9-11 was just our past coming home to roost have be played and replayed, while America waited to see what Obama's response would be.

He akined the pastor to an uncle whom you are close to, that sometimes says things that make one cringe. Obama even admitted that his mother had made somewhat close-minded comments about "black people".

But, he did not turn his back on his pastor, nor dropped him like a...well, you know.

Now, Hillary Clinton has been heard to say that if it were her, she would cut ties with said pastor. You don't pick your family members, she replied, alluding to Obama's uncle comparison, but you do choose what churches you attend.

Is she going to choose what countries to attend if she becomes President?

*I guess what I m getting at is, I'd rather see someone in office who can not always agree with a person, yet listen anyway, than one who just "cut ties". I mean, isn't that "diplomacy"? Yes, I understand that Obama's preacher makes some very inflamitory statements. But, not only is he Obama's preacher, he is also his friend. Would I stand by a freind who made the statements this pastor did? I don't know. But then, I'm not running for President.

*this is an edit. I went to bed last night realizing I left my blog entry unfinished.


  1. You might be interested in this post and the links from metafilter:

    Wright is not the unalloyed idiot the Fox soundbites make him out to be. Yes, he makes some controversial statements, but in their context, they are very understandable.

    I think Obama handled Hillary's attacks with grace and eloquence, not to mention a sense of realism not often seen in politics. He belongs to a liberal church whose pastor sometimes gets a little (and I mean little) controversial.

    I'm much more concerned that Hillary is rumored to be attending the Fellowship, a right-wing Washington prayer group (

  2. I apologize for those links not showing up properly!