Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Be Careful What You Ask For

I wonder if China still thinks it was a great idea to host this years' Olympic games? Did they honestly believe by bringing the World to their door, to shine the spotlight on their country, that the same spotlight wouldn't illuminate the issues of lack of human rights?

These cockroaches are too big to scuttle under the sink.

I used to look forward to the Olympics when I was little. I loved the opening ceremonies where the host country would showcase their culture in such breathtaking ways, it would give me goosebumps (with the exception of the Hollywood production that was the Summer Games in Los Angeles). I would well up during the closing ceremonies as the flame was solemnly extinguished, then when all the athletes from all the Nations would party hardy as one on the fields where previously they were competing against one another, I would feel an overwhelming joy. Oh, to be there in the midst of it all!

Maybe it's age, or the reality of the world today, but now I can't help but look at the Olympics as PR for countries who really need to clean their houses, not just shove the dirt in the closet before inviting guests. I know we all have those closets...it's just that some closed doors bulge more from the strain than others.

Right now, China's closet is like Fibber McGee and Molly's...

I also can't keep myself from comparing this to news reel films I saw once of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, where Hitler used the opportunity to flaunt the supremacy of the his "super race". Until an American, an African American named Jesse Owens blew Germany's uber track team out of the water, and went on to win seven gold medals. But, back to the point...I guess it's nothing new that countries use the Olympics as self-promotion. But in some cases, it's nothing but propaganda, smoke and mirrors.

Huge cockroaches. "Naw, those are just Palmetto Bugs..."

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