Sunday, December 30, 2007


I am slowing removing ornaments from my tree. My tree did look nice this year (although picture sucks), surprising since the mood I was in was less than festive. But it needs to come down. Big tree + Small house = Does Not Work. I really tried to keep it displayed until after New Year's, but I am really having a hard time with it twinkling happily. Today, it just seems to be mocking me. So, it's time to dismantle. My nod to Christianity (my antique creche) is safely ensconced in bubble-wrap.

Funny story about the creche...My parents bought it for my first Christmas (their second). Very rustic, very tastefully done. Probably a dime-a dozen back in the early Sixties, but now it is a special part of my life. Anyway, my mom was a chronic Deck The Haller. If she could have a decorated tree in every room of the house, she would have. The only reason the house outside wasn't as heavily decorated was Mom didn't want Dad taking a chance falling off the roof.

Okay, back to the creche' (hang around here long enough, and you will discover I am the queen of digressing without aid of a segue.) Every year, my Mom would put out the creche, then top the roof with sheets of cotton, then finish off with a sprinkling of Ivory Soap flakes and a small string of white lights.

Finally, years later, my Dad pointed out, "Christ was born in the desert, wasn't he? So why the snow?" My Dad wasn't being a smart-ass...okay, he was. But, that is what I like about my dad.

The other day, my youngest was telling me that she used to take her fingers and pretend she was walking up the stairs of the manger.

So did I, when I was her age.

I know who I will be passing the creche on to in the future.

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