Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blogger Virgin

Well, not a virgin to blogging, just one here. This is my first Blogger post. Unless I created one here in the past after too much wine and loneliness. Where was my other blog, you ask?

Okay, I had a MySpace account. And, yes, I was sober.

Forty-something, and I had a MySpace account. I blame it on my kids. I told them if they wanted one, I would have one, too, to keep an eye on things. It didn't take me long before I discovered a horrible fact about my children.

Neither one of them can spell worth a damn. I pointed this fact out to them one day. My oldest explained to me, "Silly one actually reads anything on MySpace!"

All that time, putting cute little gifs and jpegs and pithy little sayings onto my profile to show that I could be cool, yet aloof, carefully picking out the perfect background that wouldn't clash with my font colors, so not to cause the viewer an epileptic seizure. Making sure my profile picture was taken at such an angle that my double chin would almost appear non-existent. Almost. There is only so much forced-perspective can do...

Why the change? The approaching New Year? The recent loss of my mom? The fact that I have a secret ME complex? Blogging is cheaper than therapy?

Anyway, my Blogger cherry has been popped. Or maybe it was already, I mean there was that drunk and lonely night...

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