Sunday, December 7, 2008

What R/C Pilots do when it is too damn cold.

Here is a video from one of the local newspaper's on-line editions which features my husband and my youngest daughter who have found a Winter outlet for radio-control flying. My husband is the one with the Nascar (natch) sweatshirt, and my daughter is along-side with her Godiva hair and emo glasses.

My husband and daughter usually fly planes that weigh in the pounds during the warm months. The planes they fly indoors usually measure in ounces. They are powered by small motors, tiny servos, and battery packs the size of half a stick of gum, if that.

It's a fun time. If there is the inevitable mid-air, the planes usually end up fluttering to the ground like stunned birds. No harm done. Dear Husband says even I could fly one, but I could never wrap my head around that "right-is-left-and-down-is-up" when the plane is flying towards you.


  1. Your daughter's a babe. I always wanted to fly model airplanes but figured I'd need a long runway and lots of empty space.

  2. She doesn't see her babe-osity, which in a way is a good thing. It keeps the boyfriends out of the picture. Her shield is a sharp wit and a bizarre sense of humor. And the hair.

    Outside, yes, lots of space and a long runway is a must. And being three mistakes above the ground helps. The two usually fly south of town. My daughter really took to flying quick and is the only girl in the club. She's been flying almost 4 years now. DH has been at it most his life.

  3. Great article! Rachel's really grown up within the last year, OMG.