Thursday, October 9, 2008 is his birthday!

This is my dad. I've been told I look a lot like him. The last person who pointed this fact out to me, I replied, "Thank you!" I'm sure if I was male, I too would be considered handsome, although being female, I really don't know where that puts me in the looks department. Doesn't really matter, as long as I have his blue eyes.

We also share an odd sense of humor and a quiet demeanor. We both share not wanting to be the center of attention, which in my case is strange, considering I write a blog...a somewhat egocentric thing in life to do, I believe.

The name of my blog comes from my dad. He may not be the originator of the line, but I remember him stating it many times in my life, and I found it very profound. Maybe that is an ability my dad has...that he could take a simple phrase and deliver it in a way that makes it rival Confucius. Either that, or he's the consummate bull-shitter.

Actually, if he wasn't so confounded by the art of writing, he'd make a good blogger.

Happy Birthday, Dad. You've given me more than I could ever repay.

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  1. Please wish him a happy birthday from me! I miss his sage wisdom and sense of humor.