Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Confident Blogging

I was reading an article on the subject of confident speaking, and I came across this tip:

"Only say something when you have something to say"

I feel this is pertinent to my blogging.

There have been many times when I'll start typing away on some inane subject when the thought shadows my mind, "Where the Hell are you trying to go with this?" It is then when I realize that I am blogging for the sake of making a post. Or, sometimes (like this morning when I actually went back and deleted this morning's post) I'll find myself posting about some timely subject, just because I feel I have to put in my .02 cents.

Even at this moment, I find my fingers wanting to hit the correct combination of keys that will delete this post.

Maybe blogging isn't for me and I should go back to "Dear Diary".

Maybe I'm a frustrated writer who can't devise a story or create characters out of thin air (such is my brain), so I have turned to foisting my opinions on the browsing mass (not enough people read here to be considered 'masses') who accidentally find themselves here through a keyword search.

Maybe I'll just keep on blogging, inane as it is. Confidently inane, to be more precise.