Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarah's Next Door Neighbors

Sarah Palin knows International Politics because she lives next door to Russia. Well, she certainly does. Vladimir Putin probably flies right over her house, you betcha, when he's "rearing his head", as she explained to Katie Couric in the infamous interview that left most people totally gob-smacked.

This is what is "next door" to Alaska. Big Diomede Island, next to Little Diomede Island (U.S. has claim to that one). Big D is inhabited mostly by Innuit, more precisely, the Chukchi people. It's roughly eleven square miles in area. Most likely these people have never even heard of Sarah Palin.

Sarah, who?

If Sarah Palin believes her proximity to Russia makes her knowledgeable in international affairs, then the fact that I live a block away from a hospital I believe qualifies me to run an MRI machine.

Scary thought? It should be.

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