Sunday, July 6, 2008

Man and Wife, Woman and Husband.

After about 3 changed dates, a wedding dress stuck in Customs (No, it's in transit! No, it's still in China! No, really, it's being shipped as we speak!), not knowing until two days before whether or not my not as of yet son-in-law (Wow, that sounds weird) would be able to get a short leave for the July 4th weekend, it's, how they say in movie making parlance, In The Can.

So, thank you to the groom's parents who gracefully shared their beautiful yard for the service/reception, a local big box craft store for having a 50% off sale on wedding decorations last week, my old friend who came out of retirement and quickly whipped up a beautiful wedding cake, the same friend who made the wedding cake for my husband's and mine reception almost 25 years ago, family and friends, and Oly the Dog, who gave his blessing by christening the archway before the was a lovely day.

And, thank you to my new son-in-law, for putting a smile on my daughter's face. I hope you both are full of smiles and laughter amid the ups and downs and lulls in life. Because it's the times in between the highs and the lows, the normal, mundane everyday life that can be the biggest test of all.


  1. Wished I could have been there (*sigh*)

  2. Okay, I'm curious. Please email me and tell me how you know me.