Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"I'll take 'Actions of an insane wife' for $1000, Alex"

Yesterday, a storm blew through town and caused a wee bit of damage next door (which is property we own, and where the step-mom-in-law lives). When I say "wee", I mean a limb fell from a tree and landed on top of a storage portico. When I say "limb", I mean a third of an old dutch elm.

Front view

Back view

So, the tree limb, still attached to the tree by it's bark, more or less, is situated between s-m-i-l's house, and a small house we use for storage. In-between the two houses is the portico. Wedged under the crushed roof of the portico is my husband's trailer.

Real stupid place to be view

Inside trailer is his entire collection of radio-control model airplanes, receivers, and all the other expensive accouterments that go with. Basically, his hobby, his only hobby is sitting under a buttzillion pounds of tree.

So, what do I do first? I sneak under the portico which is sandwiched between trailer full of expensive toys and said tree limb so I can open the door and check if the airplanes are okay. Sneak? Like the tree limb was going to hear me and decide to crash down on my head, compacting the trailer like an accordion?

I only did this so I could call DH at work and hopefully be able to say, "Um, honey, your airplanes are okay, but you know that huge tree in the front yard? Well, a tree limb fell off in the storm a little while ago and landed on the lean-to and your trailer is stuck now...but everything is in one piece".

I slowly open the side door and find that everything is snug as a bug in a rug. Amazingly, everything that could have been damaged, wasn't. DH was able to hoist the roof off the trailer with floor jacks and four by fours, and pull it out from under the tree-laden portico, in perfect condition. Two shingles on the s-m-i-l's house need replacing, and the other house we use for storage fared just as well.

And, yes, I did also check up on s-m-i-l to see if she was alright...but she wasn't at home at the time when all this tree-havoc was happening. I do have some sense of priorities. Sheesh.

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