Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sometimes, a scarf is just a scarf.

Gawd, I hope the terrorists never are shown drinking lattes, or Dunkin' Donuts is screwed.

My, oh my, what will be next? Olive Garden disallowing red checkered draped tables in their commercials because they resemble Arabian head coverings? I know when I Googled "kiffiyeh", I found photos of men wearing such red checkered head coverings.

Wait, do they even have red checkered tablecloths at Olive Garden? I bet they won't now.

But I think you know where I'm going with this. Have we as Americans have become such tight rope walkers that we can't even make a simple clothing choice without worrying that the simple image could cause someone to think in the ridiculous line of thought "Fringy scarf = bad people want to kill us, and I support them all the way by wearing this fringy scarf?"

I guess I should tell my daughter she'd better stop wearing that Halo 3 t-shirt. It might remind someone that maybe some day in the future there may be a brood of aliens that look like onions (I know, I've spent many an afternoon watching her play Halo), and that she will eagerly welcome our new Overlords...

It took one talking head from Faux News to make a business second guess a spokesperson's wardrobe and cause them to pull the ad of Rachael wearing the "offending" scarf. That's scary enough all by itself.

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  1. I saw this one yesterday in the news, and has it occurred to anyone that NOT ALL PALESTINIANS ARE TERRORISTS? Most of them are ordinary people who wear kiffiyehs.

    For that matter, not all terrorists are Palestinian. Some are American, like Timothy McVeigh. But nobody says, "OMG, you're wearing blue jeans! YOU must be a terrorist!"