Saturday, April 5, 2008

The "A-Ha!" moment, or the "D'uh!" moment?

Thanks to sites like Google, one never has to rack their brains over such monumental questions as, "What was the name of that character in that movie made in whatever year?", or, "Who sang that song in the 60's about that the two villages that had a war over buried treasure?" know, stuff like that.

One has the choice of relishing in the "A-Ha!" moment when the answer comes to them (usually at 3 a.m.), or giving in, type strings into Google, or head off to (an Internet movie database site, hence the "imdb"), and quickly witness first hand, the "D'uh" moment.

I only bring this up because last night, for some reason, the old series, "MacGyver" pushed it's way to the front of my overflowing filing cabinet excuse for a brain. I knew that one of the long-running gags of the series was trying to figure out what MacGyver's first name was, which was finally exposed in the last episode. But, what was it? I couldn't for the life of me recall.

So, I'm debating...the "A-ha!" moment, or the "D-uh!" moment? I continue to dig through my overtaxed filing system as I feel a migraine coming on. Husband o'mine takes notice. He asks me if I'm okay as I frantically tap the front of my skull, as if that will rustle forth my much needed information before I concede defeat and reach for the laptop.

"What was MacGyver's first name?", I whine.

"Oh, it was 'Angus'", he replies without missing a beat. I've been d'uhed, and it wasn't from Google.

I really need to defrag my brain.

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  1. I mentioned this to Richard, and without missing a beat, HE said, "Angus, right?"

    Maybe it's a guy thing?