Friday, February 15, 2008

Sadness for NIU, sadness for all

Yesterday, a person for whatever reason, walked onto a stage of a lecture hall on the campus of Northern Illinois University, and with three firearms, straifed the hall full of students, hitting 18 before killing himself.

This morning, the news is reporting 5 students have died of thier injuries.

I could start in on opinions of gun control, ideas of why people snap the way they do in today's society, why it seems this has become a virus across this country. But, I won't. Not today.

My thoughts go out to all who are touched by this tragedy. When young people are murdered, so are thier futures of what could have been. Hopes, dreams, posibillities...gone. The wounded, lives altered forever. Families, friends, foisted into a nightmare world of upheaval no one should ever have to live. For all of us, one more chunk taken from our illusion of safety and security.

"It could not happen here" is becoming, "It can happen anywhere". Soon, we may hear, "It will happen everywhere, eventually."

A newscaster yesterday used the term "children" when talking about the students..."Eighteen children were wounded..." My daughter said they weren't children, not being of college age.

I explained to her that when we, as parents, send our kids off into to world, no matter how old they are, they still our children.

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